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established in 2012

Alisha and I (Pat) started this company as a husband and wife team when we spun off our wedding business from our commercial business. We named it after our kids, Cole and Juno, and have been shooting weddings under the name ever since!
I'm the lead photographer of place and we've added some new talent to the mix but we're still going strong. I've personally handled something like 300 weddings and I just can't seem to give it up!

We got into wedding photography because we couldn't order photos from our photographer.

In all seriousness, I never planned for my life to revolve around photography. It just, sort of happened. My dad was a photographer and teacher and taught me the basics. Now, I have photographed around 300 weddings, traveled the nation doing photography (commercial and weddings), and ended up teaching the same class where I started learning. That class led me to my new assistants! There's a whole circle of life sort of thing going on which is surreal.

Alisha and I met in an art class in high school. Alisha refused to stop letting me know how ridiculous it was that I was sitting on the floor during class and has refused to stop letting me know how ridiculous I am being since. We've been together more than half our lives so I'd say that it worked out. (Alisha has shot nearly 200 weddings alongside me and continues to still shoot.)

She was my first assistant and we officially started this business in 2005 (before we were a husband and wife team). Years went by, we got married, we had kids (Cole and Juno, hence, J. Cole Photography), and I got to have the time of my life spending time at home with my kids while they were little. I couldn't have done this without Alisha, and frankly, I wouldn't have wanted to.

Now, I teach some of the nations top up-and-coming photographers who are starting to join our team. Bella and Nathaniel were both standout students and are successful in their own rights. Now, they work alongside me!

Capturing Memories

It's kind of our thing...

Hands down, without a doubt, I 100% believe we are the best crew in the area to shoot your wedding. Pat has been in the industry for longer than he would like to admit. Bella came in 6th in the nation out of around 1000 contestants. Nathaniel works for local journalism and this summer will be featured internationally via motor sports and photography publications. to put it frankly, there isn't a team in the area like us, and we're proud of that!

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